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  • $10.00
    Totally organic and sourced from local farmers in support of our community, Cana’s Pepperberry is produced without chemicals, or forest destruction. More versatile than conventional peppercorn...
  • $20.00
    Organically grown, Cana Farm’s cold pressed and unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from a local family run farm who support community. A perfect table for the pantry.
  • $9.00
    Ligurian olives are small with firm flesh and a sweet, herbaceous, nutty flavour. Typically harvested later than most other varieties, they are full of vitamins, especially vitamin E. Supplied by our...
  • $9.00
    Locally grown in the McLaren Vale area of South Australia, our olives are supplied by our amazing farmer friends in support of our community. Our pitted Kalamata Olives are rich and meaty with...
  • $8.50
    Our freshly grown tomatoes are bursting with flavour. When added to the Cana community pasta sauce recipe, their natural sugars caramelise to create a sweet and delicious taste sensation.


Whats Cana Farm read more

We are part of Cana Communities, a charity that supports people who have experienced extraordinary life challenges. Located in Sydney's Orchard Hills, the Farm is about growing fresh produce (such as veggies, fruits, flowers & eggs) but also about growing friendships and hope. We believe in celebration, forgiveness and acceptance.


No Ordinary Farm read more

We provide the opportunity for people to learn from each other and to recreate themselves. The Farm employs people who have lived on the margins and been severely disadvantaged. Education is part of the learning experience and this is done through Western Sydney TAFE Outreach. We celebrate difference.


What We Do read more

Our employees make and sell quality goods such as jams, chutneys, sauces, condiment mixes & supply olives and Olive Oil. We have our own bee hives and harvest honey for sale. Our Christmas Cakes are scrumptious and our hampers are all made at the farm from recycled timbers. Like all Cana projects the Farm is run and supported by volunteers.