Our Needs

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How you can help

  • Supporting our Education and Employment Model.
  • Contributing to a rental plan for our accommodation needs.
  • A good number of our men have NEVER been out of jail for the length of time they have been since with Cana - they believe it is from the unconditional love and support from Cana and its Spirituality that has allowed them the opportunity to reinvent themselves.
  • Come journey with them during this Transition.

We raise wages by selling the amazing furniture, jams, chutneys and candles they are making.

However, this does not generate the $$$$'s needed to continue employing our group. Providing the holistic nature of care we do with our employment model is imperative for rehabilitation and integration. Whilst we are working towards a sustainable working model for these people, it does require support initially.

We need your support now in making this transition possible.